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Stabeck Sales and Marketing


Since 1962, Stabeck Sales and Marketing has represented manufacturers in the Plumbing and Kitchen & Bath Industry. 

Our Mission statement:

Stabeck Sales and Marketing is a sales driven, growth oriented, market share leader, providing products and services that fulfill our customer’s and manufacturers expectations. To help develop a diversified market for our manufacturers products. To assist in creating a product demand for our customers. And to nourish the relationship between all parties.

Vision Statement:

  • Our professional sales and marketing organization will provide the high volume, top quality and innovative presentations that the manufacturer would expect. 

  • Develop loyalties between the manufacturer and customers to assure that the products and programs are at the forefront of our customers marketing efforts.

  • Provide product knowledge to all aspects of the industry and to maximize the sale potentials within the territory.

  • Communicate with our manufacturers and our customers to maintain the competitive edge in the marketplace. Our leading sales team will continue to provide strategically targeted, state of the art presentations to promote your company and products. Make suggestions and implement alterative actions plans when necessary

Our expertise and experience allows us to meet the needs of our customers, the manufacturers that we represent, builders, architects, designers and luxury showrooms in our territory. 



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