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Education Source

   Increasingly we find ourselves as the education resource. So whether it is Product knowledge or an installer training we are the key resource in our industry to achieve this goal.

   Our training exceeds the basic information and our experience enables us to conduct sales training, motivational training, design training, installation training, and troubleshooting analysis to achieve your goals. 

   We are the eyes and ears of our factories and wear many hats so on any given day.        We write specifications for our products, advise an installer how to properly work with our products, Handle troubleshooting when installed wrong, advise about warranty procedures. We advise how to service all of our many products, research orders and product availabllity, and inspect freight damage, collect overdue money and that is before lunch. And we sell.

A & D resources

   For the architect, we help achieve 

specifications for our products in upcoming projects. We also offer lunch & learns, train for CEC classes for ongoing credits.

   We upkeep your library, review specifications, and get them project cost estimates.

   For designers we direct the correct look and quality they want to represent to their clients. We get samples for meeting and we often sit in meeting to assist with technical questions.


   We can even get factories to custom make products for the unique needs or desires.

Host Industry Experts

Host industry needs are a unique combination of quality and competitive pricing.

The Unique need for a durable yet decorative product at affordable pricing has challanged us forever. Value engineering is a misused term meaning lower the price,cut functions and lower quality ans style. It is a project neccessity and we are your resource for success.

   We increasingly find that brand names offer fair and reasonable pricing and the Asian off shore products often do not have the durability to last long enough to be cost effective.

   The adage that, "No one has regretted owning the best."  is especially important when products are needing to be used by the public. To invest in the best is usually the most economical as product built to a higher standard with better quality materials usually  last longer then inferior knock offs or look alikes and real brands offer the high quality which reflects the client's wishes. The budget is a short term concern but quality is what will allow long term satifaction and what will earn your reputation. Your job is to achieve the correct budget for the desired quality.

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